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Get a dedicated team ready to take full ownership of your demand
generation and paid acquisition activities for your business.
Ad account audit and optimization
If you have already introduced paid acquisition as one of your marketing channels but still are not getting any results or facing an account stagnation, we are here to review your ads account to find out underperforming directions and implement quick optimizations.

During the account audit, we will:

  • Discover areas of wasted spending and errors in account configuration
  • Identify opportunities for growth and testing new segments
  • Perform extensive data analysis to make data-based decisions
  • Evaluate ad copy and suggest improvements
  • Recommend changes and strategy enhancements

data analysis and support
Our primary approach to demand generation using PPC advertising is data-driven decisions.
Before launching campaigns, we first establish a clean and reliable data infrastructure to ensure seamless conversion tracking and data collection.

In our work, we use industry-proven tools to meet your business objectives:

  • Campaign goals and audiences building with Google Analytics
  • Keyword research and analysis using Google Keyword Planner
  • CRM integrations to bring contacts right into your current sales workflow
  • Comprehensive dashboard setup using Data Studio
  • AI and machine learning tools for bid management and A/B testing
  • Third-party analytics and tracking tools implementation for timely decisions
Google Ads
You will work with the team that knows all ins and outs of the Google Ads platform. We deliver a full-cycle Google Ads management service from strategy planning and development to campaign execution and optimization.

We have solid expertise in:

  • Google Search campaigns to get immediate traffic and boost sales
  • Remarketing campaigns to retain your visitors and turn them into paying customers
  • Google Display Network to reach around 90% of Internet users worldwide
  • iOS and Android App campaigns for driving traffic and downloads
  • Gmail campaigns to enhance brand awareness and advocacy

YouTube Ads
Reach your target audience based on their interests with the help of engaging content. Let your audience know your product and value proposition by establishing clear communication with users.

Teamedia works with the whole range
of YouTube Ads Video campaigns:

  • In-stream video ads to deliver your message to your target audience efficiently
  • Video discovery ads to improve your brand awareness and drive traffic
  • Outstream video ads to expand your audience reach outside YouTube
  • Bumper ads to engage with your audience with a short, memorable message
Facebook Ads
With the help of Facebook Ads, you can reach one of the biggest social network audiences. We build and optimize Facebook Ads campaigns with a laser focus on ROI based on your unique business goals and objectives.

Our team is ready to help you with:

  • Facebook Ads account setup and management
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Creatives creation and configuring
  • Ad copy creation and optimization
  • Audience research and analysis
  • All kinds of Facebook Ads campaigns: Photo, Video, Stories, Messenger, Slide Show, and others

Instagram Ads
Instagram is a unique platform where you can promote content as well as sell your products or services. Advertising on Instagram open new opportunities for your business through awareness, consideration, and conversion-focused campaigns to:

  • Reveal the potential of influencer marketing by telling about your product or company to a bigger audience
  • Reach your target audience with custom targeting options
  • Enhance brand awareness with Ads in Explore, Collection, and Carousel ads
  • Increase conversion rate and boost sales
  • Drive website traffic and skyrocket engagement

LinkedIn Ads
With LinkedIn Ads custom campaigns, we will help you uncover full potential of B2B marketing. We believe that every business is unique. Diving deep into your market and industry challenges, we will generate high-quality leads and test beneficial segments to:

  • Improve brand awareness and generate more leads with Lead Forms campaigns
  • Reach B2B professional audience with accurate and extensive targeting options
  • Increase engagement with your product and offer using sponsored content and InMail Ads
  • Interact with users who already showed interest using advanced options of retargeting campaign
Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)
Bing Ads platform lets you introduce paid acquisition channel in a cost-efficient and smart way. Our team will provide best practices on Microsoft Ads campaign creation and scaling and will use enhanced options for geolocation and demographics targeting.

With Bing Ads, you will:

  • Promote your business within a less-competitive field and with a lower CPC
  • Increase efficiency and relevance of your ads with ad scheduling and location parameters
  • Improve lead quality and conversion thanks to better device targeting options
  • Reach your target audience using enriched demographics targeting with search campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization
Invest in conversion rate optimization to let your website generate revenue for your business. With the help of conversion rate optimization tactics and implementations, you will:

  • Turn your visitors into customers with a conversion-optimized website
  • Ensure your audience knows your product with the help of a clear USP
  • Make your users move forward with your offer using catchy CTAs
  • Get to know your audience better with the help of customer journey mapping
  • Conduct A/B testing to find out new beneficial segments for scaling
  • Beat your competition by maximizing your website performance
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