How we helped logistics tech company increase conversions by 66% with 34% decreased CPA
Logistics and Transportation
Google Ads,
Google Analytics
Key results
34% CPA↓
66% Conversions↑

Yojee is a world-class logistics software offering advanced features of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies. Yojee manages delivery operations of the companies across the Asia-Pacific region and offers courier delivery services for corporate and individual users in Singapore.
Business overview
Operating within a competitive APAC region, the business has both B2B and B2C directions that are represented with logistics software and courier delivery service accordingly, which presupposes separate paid acquisition strategies implemented.
The main goal was to set up and optimize the client's Google Ads account to establish a profitable lead generation channel, drive more demos scheduled and free trials started within reasonable CTR and CPC.
Our team applied data-driven approach and did thorough data analysis and market research to determine where the traffic was coming from, what metrics could be optimized, and what segments Yojee would benefit from the most.
Conversion tracking setup
Set up comprehensive conversion tracking using cutting-edge AI tools and technologies to apply Build - Measure - Learn approach.
Account restructuring

Reorganize account structure to separate Yojee core business lines to better control ad costs and optimize campaigns.
Google Analytics setup

Set up Google Analytics account to gain more insights into user behavior and campaign performance.
Ad campaign launch

Conduct extensive keyword research to define most beneficial targets and build an end-to-end ad copy strategy and create ad assets.
Client testimonial
Working within a limited monthly budget, our team strategically shifted budgets to specific campaigns and segments that met goals and KPI's on an ongoing basis.
  • Optimized ad schedule
    Using the long-term data on the CPA, our team adjusted ad schedule bids to increase the ad serving within the time of the highest users' activity and reduce ad spend during poor-performing timing.
  • Increased target audience outreach
    We created separate campaigns for each location and customized ad copy for them. To increase user outreach, we added keywords with specific language features common to a particular territory.
  • Enhanced KPI’s thanks to comprehensive A/B testing
    We set continuous A/B tests of ad copies and display banners to see which variation attracted more clicks to adjust bids accordingly. This, in turn, helped to improve the CTR, Quality Score, and lower CPC.
  • Delivered all-in-one
    remarketing strategy
    To retain previous users who expressed interest but didn’t convert, we implemented a granular remarketing audience setup. We created audiences based on key page visits and specific Google Analytics goal completion.
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